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Our team consists of software developers, professional collaborators and software testers.  We provide high-quality applications tailored to diverse needs of the community.  For instance, we create applications for recipe and menu management and food storage inventory.  In addition, we are creating software in budget and finance, digital forensics and animal medical history.  We focus on meticulous detail and exemplary service.

Most importantly, we provide applications at reasonable cost and technical support free of charge. We offer A 14-day trial version for stand-alone applications. There is no obligation to purchase. In addition, our software is thoroughly tested and digitally signed. Feel free to review our FAQ and Support pages for technical questions.

About - Our Customers

The Application Architect develops software applications for consumers interested in fields of food industry, financial, educational or computer technology.  For example, we developed the Meal Menu Master, a recipe and menu management application.  In addition, we are developing applications focusing on animal health and digital forensics. 

“I just started a new eating style based on a low-carb diet.  I’m going to need to revise my recipes.  Wow! I am looking through this professionally well done program.  I am anxious to dig into it for use in my new eating style.  This is a beautiful project.”  – Rita